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Got a great idea? Get involved in your community channel by submitting a program proposal! MAtv has developed a transparent structure to receive and evaluate program proposals submitted to it and ensure that individuals and organizations, private and public, are treated fairly.

Projects submitted must fall in line with MAtv's community programming, reflect local interests and circumstances and comply with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulations.


MAtv is the public space powered by Videotron. Serving the community, the channel is exclusively for Videotron's customers and reflects the diversity of Quebec. It provides access to a space for everyone that fosters participation, expression and distribution of content. Useful, informative and educational, MAtv promotes local interests and supports the emergence of talent.

SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT in a few easy steps!

Do you have an inspiring concept that may interest the community in your area? If your project is approved, MAtv can help you make it a reality!

  •  Program proposals must be submitted by non-media professionals
    (not employed by a telecommunications or televised production company).
  •  You must live in the service area of the community channel.
  •  You must propose content that reflects local interests.
  •  The program must be a distinctive concept, complementary to existing MAtv programming schedule.
  •  It must enhance viewers' learning or understanding, provide information, be useful.
  •  You must clarify your involvement and that of your team members.
  •  You must include a budget required to carry out the project.
  • To assist you in selecting project ideas, you should know that the channel's programming falls into four main categories:
  • 1. Town hall: Expression of local community interests
  • 2. How to: Public services – ideas, advice, assistance and useful information that helps people function
    in their community
  • 3. Culture: A local take on interesting books, movies, performing arts and comedy
  • 4. Lifestyle: Personal well-being – healthy mind and body, accomplishments in your community
  •  28 or 58 minutes
  •  Service, cultural or current affairs program
  •  Documentary – docu-reality in social, cultural, history, science spheres
  •  Culture and performing arts
  •  Hybrid format or new genre
  •  Recreational or non-professional sports programs in a community
  •  General interest programs intended for all without a local flavour
  •  Fiction, drama projects
  •  Reality TV
  •  Variety shows
  •  Game shows
  •  Commercial projects, promotion of an artist, album or book
  •   A project summary (synopsis), number of episodes and running time
  •   Detailed description of program concept with information about the content
    and form: proposed themes
  •   Description of how a typical broadcast would proceed
  •   Objectives
  •   Target audience
  •   Biography of proponent
  •   Role and involvement of project proponent and team members
  •   Estimate (if possible) of resources required (equipment, technical personnel,
    fees and other production costs)
  •   Required budget per episode (approximate), sources of funding/sponsorships

 Can I submit my project proposal by mail?   
No. Submission of proposals may only be done online through our website. Proposals can be submitted at any time. You will receive automatic confirmation of receipt.
 Can I submit a proposal for a place other than where I live?   
As stipulated in the CRTC regulations, a member of the public who submits a project to MAtv must live in the service area authorized by the community channel. Therefore, if you want to submit a project for Montréal, you must live in the Greater Montréal area.
 Who evaluates the projects?   
Evaluation and screening of projects is performed by a screening committee over a four- to six-month period.
 Who are the members of the screening committee that selects projects?   
The screening committee is made up of MAtv managers and employees.
 Who are the members of the advisory committee that advises the programming committee?   
The advisory committee is made up of individuals actively involved in the region. The committee makes recommendations regarding programming that represents the diverse interests and viewpoints of the local community.
 What is the process if my project is selected?   
Proponents whose projects are selected will be asked to make a presentation to the selection committee. If your project is approved, we will phone you. As a guide, accepted projects may take up to a year and a half to be produced.
 Can my project be refused if I do not submit a budget?   
No, this is not used as a criterion for disqualifying a project.
 For what reasons can a project be refused?   
There are many reasons: a program may be too similar to one already broadcast on MAtv; the content may already be reflected in the channel's programming; the content may not qualify (see PROGRAMS NOT COVERED); the general content may not address the region's interests; the program may be too costly for our production capacity and the limited number of projects that can be brought to the screen each season.
 What types of production are possible?   
Production types are: turnkey production (acquisition) or coproduction (produced by MAtv and your team).
 Will MAtv compensate me for my project (can I obtain a fee or licence)?   
Depending on the case, a licence may be granted. We can place our human, technical and logistical resources (studio, cameraman, researchers, etc.) at your disposal. You may also identify partners/sponsors to finance your program.
 Why does MAtv have professional hosts?   
MAtv's programming must be 50% access programming, i.e. from public projects. MAtv also produces its own program content with a local flavour. The regulations allow such public forums to be hosted by professionals. However, MAtv places priority on emerging talent.
 How can I obtain additional information?   
You can email the person in charge of receiving projects at Your email must have the subject line Request for Information – Project Submission. MAtv is committed to responding (positively or negatively) to all program proposals within four to six months of the date they are submitted.